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Your gift helps families in need of a safe, affordable home where they can build long-term financial security. Our goal is to remind the community that home is the key to making lasting change and creating brighter futures. Affordable homeownership is more important than ever and we need your support to create a sustainable future. Your automatic, monthly, or recurring gift as a Square Foot Club Member helps ensure we’re always ready to help a family when it’s needed most.

Mailing Address

Habitat for Humanity of Chester County

P.O. Box 1452

Coatesville, PA 19320

We’d like to thank our community partners for their continued support of Habitat’s mission of
building hopeful futures!
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Why donate to Habitat?

Virtually nowhere in the U.S. can a full-time minimum wage employee afford even a one-room apartment. At Habitat for Humanity, we know that having a home changes everything. The need for affordable housing is immense, and the lasting impact it can have on families is undeniable. We believe in a world where everyone has a quality place to live. A safe, affordable home offers families and individuals the opportunity to take care of themselves and build their own futures.

A woman holding banner with two kids
Group of local donors

Why donate monthly?

The Square Foot Club is a unique group of loyal donors who make an impact all year long through monthly donations. These gifts provide a steady stream of income to sustain our programs throughout the year and allow us to properly plan for growth. You can help break the cycle of poverty by joining the Square Foot club today!


Tailored to you

With small payments spread out month to month, becoming a Square Foot Club Member can fit any budget. Even small amounts can make a big impact.



Your donation occurs automatically each month. You can change the amount or cancel any time.


Year-long impact

Square Foot Club Members make a difference every day with reliable, ongoing donations.


Contact our Corporate & Donor Relations Director for more information:

Liz Price

610-384-7993 ext 116

Corporate Sponsorship

Volunteers involved in construction

House Sponsorship

The ultimate in corporate assistance to HfHCC's low‑income building program is funding and building a Habitat house. Ideally, the corporation would donate, completely fund or solicit all the necessary building materials for the specified house. Volunteers from the corporation would be the primary work crew involved in the construction of the house. Variations on this option would include just financial support for construction of a complete house, or joining with another corporation in a partnership where each company would fund one‑half of the house.

Event Sponsorship

From time to time, Habitat sponsors events to raise funds to meet operating costs and purchase supplies. Companies can assist with such programs by agreeing to underwrite an event. Such sponsorships represent the opportunity for associated marketing and public relations. An event sponsor is asked to meet the budgeted out‑of‑pocket expenses involved with the event or a specific component of the event’s budget. In turn, the firm is listed in all event publicity as a sponsor.

If you have questions about becoming a sponsor or to make your donation by other means, please contact Liz Price, our Corporate & Donor Relations Director at

610-384-7993 ext 116 or click the button below to email

Build A House Group

Planned Giving

Legacy Foundation

Build a legacy of hope!

Your planned gift can be the key that unlocks amazing opportunities and potential for families in our community. After decades of proven success, Habitat for Humanity of Chester County is ready to put your generosity to work, building a legacy of affordable homeownership for years to come.

"We were introduced to Habitat for Humanity in the 1980's through our church's involvement. Quickly we championed its mission and started our years of support by financial gifts and labor in home construction. Decent housing/home ownership is a hallmark of a strong and compassionate society. A Fall 2022 communication from Chester County Habitat lifted up "charitable gift annuities" (CGA) as a support option. Local staff skillfully and pleasantly walked us through the advantages and ease of establishing a CGA. We decided it was an ideal way to undergird Chester County Habitat beyond our lives, and secondarily, offered an attractive income return within our lifetimes along with some tax advantages. We feel blessed to be able to support HFHCC in this manner."

– The Boell's, December 2022

Donate your car

Help a family—and
the environment!

Donating your vehicle to Habitat can help a family with another step of their journey to homeownership, while also helping the environment! Habitat has partnered with Cars for Homes to build stability and security that a safe affordable home allows. Plus, you can qualify for a tax deduction!

Children playing in front of a house

Tithe Program

Every donation to Habitat for Humanity of Chester County has a worldwide impact. Portions of unrestricted donations are given to Habitat for Humanity’s global building initiatives. With your help, since 1989, HFHCC has tithed $328,482. These funds have helped build nearly 140 homes in Guatemala, Honduras and Ghana.

Front view of a house

What is a tithe?

Habitat for Humanity is a global partnership with hundreds of affiliates pledged to help everyone wherever they are. Affiliates are required to contribute a portion of their incomes to international work so that we can build decent, affordable housing all over the world. 

Your generous donations help more than just our community, they help across the globe. With so many ways to donate, we can continue our mission because of you!


Advocacy means supporting and promoting a cause you believe in.

At Habitat for Humanity, we advocate to change policies and systems so that we can eliminate barriers to adequate, affordable housing. Our vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

What does it mean to "advocate"?

Building is part of the solution, but the less visible aspects of housing like laws, regulations, systems and rules about land and the built environment are critical components, too. Sustainable and inclusive policies and systems can promote access to decent housing, while others can create barriers. And those barriers make it harder to find land for construction, build a home or be able to afford a place to live.

Habitat’s approach to advocacy is based on decades of on-the-ground experience and policy expertise. From our deep understanding of housing and its central role in providing opportunities for families, we work to reform laws in a non-confrontational, nonpartisan way.

Lady giving a speech
A woman standing with a girl

How can you advocate?

In 2019, Habitat for Humanity International launched a five-year campaign to mobilize local Habitat organizations, partners, volunteers and community members across the country. Through this Cost of Home campaign, we are finding the solutions and helping to create the policies that will allow 10 million individuals to have access to stable, affordable homes.

Cost of Home has already helped more than 6.45 million people access stable, affordable homes through our advocacy to influence policies at the local, state and federal level. But we haven’t reached our goal — yet. That’s why we need you to join us!

Matching Gifts

Make a donation and double your impact with your employer’s matching gift

Many employers will match tax-deductible charitable contributions made by their employees, retirees and employees’ spouses.

In addition to matching employee gifts, the following companies provide an option for employee's donate via payroll deduction.

  • Allstate

  • Bank of America

  • Chubb

  • Comcast

  • ConocoPhillips

  • Constellation

  • Exelon

  • Incyte

  • JP Morgan Chase

  • Johnson & Johnson

  • Lockheed Martin

  • Merck

  • Morgan Stanley

  • State Farm

  • TD Bank

Here is the information you may need when completing your Matching Gift form:

  • Employer Identification Number: 23-2549743

  • Organization Mailing Address: PO Box 1452 Coatesville PA 19320

  • Phone: 610-384-7993

  • Email address:

  • Website:

  • Organization type: Civic, Health and Human Service, Shelter

Does your company participate? We have an easy-to-use search tool (link below) that lets you see if your employer will match your donation to Habitat for Humanity of Chester County.

A family photo in front of a house
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