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Why We Build…HfHCC Family Spotlight

We build so children can have healthy, safe homes where they can learn and grow to their full potential. We build to break down barriers and establish vibrant neighborhoods. We build to open doors to new opportunities. We build for the promise of a new start and a better life. Habitat houses provide stability for families searching for a way to help themselves and their neighbors.

Habitat stories don’t end when our partner families become homeowners. Arguably, that’s where they begin. One hundred thirty-seven families have created wonderful stories about their journeys from living paycheck-to-paycheck to financial security, because of donors’ and volunteers’ contributions over the past two decades. This family’s story is just one story that offers a glimpse of Habitat’s impact in the Chester County community.

Charmelle Hatfield

Charmelle says when she first got the call that she was approved she couldn’t believe it, and ran around her office screaming.  She found out about the Habitat program when originally researching housing programs online. Charmelle’s favorite part of the process was getting to see the process of building a house from the ground up.  She also enjoyed learning all of the information at the financial literacy courses.  She would like to thank all of the donors and volunteers for the “valuable time and involvement.”

We wish Charmelle and her family all the best and hope they are fully enjoying their new home!

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