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Critical Home Repairs

Here at Habitat for Humanity of Chester County, we envision a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Studies show that across the U.S., access to quality, affordable home repair and modification services continues to be out of reach for low to moderate-income households. Along with building and selling newly constructed homes, we have now expanded our mission to include a Critical Home Repair Program. This program was designed to help our partners address critical health and safety issues in their homes, accessibility issues for seniors and people with disabilities, and housing code violations. 

Habitat for Humanity of Chester County is excited to now offer these home repair services to homeowners so they can continue to live in safe, decent homes for many years to come. Some of our home repair work includes painting, landscaping, weatherization, and minor repair services to preserve home exteriors and revitalize neighborhoods. Read on to learn more about this program and how to complete an interest form!

About the Program

Providing home repairs helps to alleviate substandard living conditions and preserve existing affordable housing stock throughout Chester County. The repairs are considered critical when they improve the health, safety, accessibility, and/or energy efficiency of residents and their homes.

While our program is open to all households that meet our eligibility requirements, our program typically serves seniors, low-income families, and people with disabilities who have limited resources to complete the repairs themselves. Initially, our goal is to target older adults who are hoping to “age in place” and need necessary updates to do so. We would also like to target lower-income families who need critical repairs done to maintain a healthy and safe home but cannot afford it without assistance.

We are so glad that now, through funding from Lowes, Stewart Huston and the Huston Foundation, The McLean Contributionship, and Habitat International, we are able to further support our efforts of Critical Home Repair in communities across Chester County. Overall, our Critical Home Repair program is meant to improve the safety, accessibility, and health of you and your home.

Home Repair Details

Here at Habitat for Humanity of Chester County, we provide a holistic, whole-house approach to all repairs. We prioritize the repairs based on the highest impact for our partners. Although this program is not intended for cosmetic upgrades to homes, we are also able to complete exterior upgrades to homes of older adults and those with disabilities that cannot do these things themselves. This would include, porch or fence repair/painting, yard work, and more.

More repair examples:

  1. Installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

  2. Roofing repairs/replacement

  3. Electrical repairs and upgrades

  4. Plumbing

  5. Exterior siding

  6. Bathroom and accessibility modifications, such as installing grab bars & ramps, shower conversions, widening doorways

  7. Drywall and flooring repairs

  8. Replacing windows to meet fire safety code

  9. Heating and cooling

  10. Carpentry relating to the structural integrity

  11. Diminishing common causes of respiratory illness, including cockroach infestations, dust mites in old carpeting, mold, and improperly vented fuel-burning appliances.

Do I qualify for the Critical Home Repair Program?

We do have criteria in order to qualify for our Critical Home Repair Program. 

  1. You own and occupy the home being repaired.

  2. Your home is located in our service area.

  3. Your home is more than 10 years old.

  4. You are current on your mortgage payments, and not in danger of foreclosure or condemnation.

  5. You are current on your property taxes (includes payment plans) or have a deferral.

  6. You have, or are willing to secure homeowner’s insurance. *May be waived for households under 30% Median Family Income.

  7. You meet the income guidelines (80% Area Median Income or below) based on the number of residents in the home. *Income is collected for all residents 18 years & older.

  8. You, or a representative, are willing to attend a mandatory orientation session. (Reasonable accommodations will be made for those physically unable to attend.)

Habitat for Humanity Volunteer

We also offer critical home repair and no-interest loans up to $5,000 (higher for roof repairs) to qualifying partners used to repair critical damage to a home or eliminate immediate hazards to health, safety, and/or sanitation. Loans will also be used for home preservation activities, such as exterior painting, fence and porch repair, and property clean-up and maintenance. All loans are offered by HFHCC at 0% interest and will vary in terms of repayment and forgiveness.

Here at Habitat for Humanity of Chester Country, we make it our mission for families to live in safe and well-maintained homes. By beginning the Critical Home Repair Program, our neighborhoods will become revitalized, community connections will be made, and affordable housing inventory will be preserved for generations to come! If you are interested in learning more about our Critical Home Repair Program or you would like to submit an interest form, please visit our website! If you have any further questions, please email Brooke Seeger, our Community Program Director, at, or give her a call at 610-384-7993 x115.


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