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Homes for the Holidays

Christmas wreath on a black door. Below, the text says: Everyone deserves the gift of home

“Home for the Holidays,” for many of us, is a magical time of year when we look forward to gathering together with our families and friends to celebrate the season in the warmth and comfort of our homes.

"Home for the Holidays" brings new meaning to our Habitat families in Chester County. In fact, many of our current Habitat homeowners have shared that one of the greatest joys of being in their new houses is having simple get-togethers where friends, neighbors, and family members gather around the table to share holiday meals, memories, and laughter.

According to Harvard University’s 2023 Joint Center for Housing Studies, the annual income needed to afford a home rose 20% to $117,000. This means that more families are spending over half of their income on housing than in previous years. The added pressure for holiday expenditures means that families are forced to make difficult choices between holiday celebrations and living expenses.

Denise, Habitat Homeowner in Chester County

Denise is a single mom of two. She and her kids moved in with her mother to save money for a home. The move was intended for a short time, but with home prices going up and the housing stock going down, “Homeownership was starting to feel impossible,” says Denise.

Denise said she wants her kids to know they can accomplish anything they set their mind to. With your help, we can empower more hardworking families like Denise’s to earn their way to homeownership with a new strength that lasts for generations.

Linda, Habitat Homeowner in Chester County

Linda and her daughter hugging

Linda had been dreaming of buying her own home, but she could not find anything in her price range. She and her daughter had no choice but to share a bedroom in her mother's small, one-bathroom home with five other people. Linda thought she would never have the opportunity to buy a place of her own until a friend told her about Habitat.

Lind and her daughter smiling

This holiday season, Linda and her daughter will be celebrating in their forever home, where they will create beautiful, lasting memories together.

Jen, Habitat Homeowner in Chester County

Jen and her kids

Jen Pursell achieved homeownership for herself and her children through Habitat for Humanity of Chester County. Jen says, "Before knowing about Habitat, I felt very stuck. I can't afford the average cost of living, let alone a mortgage, and Section 8 has no comfortable places, but I always wanted better for my kids. The accomplishment was most rewarding when I had the keys in hand. I couldn't wait to show my kids their new home, where they will be raised until they're grown while creating memories that will last a lifetime." We are wishing the Pursell family a loving and fruitful holiday season in their forever home. 

Our hearts are warmed that our Chester County homeowners will have a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season in their forever homes. Our homeowners have worked hard to achieve the gift of home. A few of our lovely Chester County homeowners shared with us their holiday images from last Christmas. Moments like these are what make homeownership so special. This holiday season, please consider making a donation to Habitat for Humanity of Chester County.

Family smiling besides a adorned Christmas tree
A family smiling and hugging each other in front of a Christmas tree
Two family members sitting in front of a Christmas tree, smiling

We are so thankful to our many supporters, donors, volunteers, board members, and more who make our mission possible. Thank you so much for caring about families in need of stable housing, not only during the holiday season but all year round. Our friendly team at Habitat for Humanity of Chester County wishes you a wonderful and blessed holiday season.


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