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Giving Tuesday 2022 Fall Front Doors

Giving Tuesday November 29th 2022 graphic for Habitat for Humanity of Chester County

Giving Tuesday is a national day of inspired generosity and kindness, celebrated this year on November 28th, 2022. This giving season, we want to show our appreciation to you, our generous donors, volunteers, and advocates. In the last year…

You have saved 18.4 million pounds of waste from landfills to date by donating to our ReStores.

401 of you volunteered for a total of 11,961 hours, which has saved Habitat a total of $358,323 in labor.

To date, in partnership with our homeowners, you helped us build 170 homes, which has changed the lives of more than 520 people and the communities they live in.

Thank you for your continued support of our mission. Having a comfortable and safe place to call home builds confidence for a brighter future ahead. A front door symbolizes a milestone in life, being able to call yourself a homeowner for the first time ever. Handing our Habitat homeowners the keys to their forever homes is a special moment for everyone. It is heartwarming what we can accomplish together.

Appreciation From Our Habitat Homeowners
Homeowner fall front doors Giving Tuesday November 29th 2022 graphic for Habitat for Humanity of Chester County

It is always wonderful to hear our Habitat Homeowners express their gratitude and appreciation. Meet the Weatherby, Soto, Woodward, and Holmes families!

The Weatherbys moved into our West Grove development in March 2022.

“Owning our own home has been a game changer in many ways for our family. Everything from having the room that we need as a family of four to knowing we have a safe, clean space that is ours. It brings a sense of pride to know that we have something to call our own. It also brings a feeling of security knowing we live in a community of people who feel the same way,” says Jessica Weatherby.

“As for what we would like to say to the volunteers and everyone involved in making these homes a possibility, we are incredibly thankful and humbled by their time and giving hearts. The work of their hands and the amount they have given to bring all of this to fruition is a wonderful thing”. – Jessica Weatherby

Homeowner Fall front doors Giving Tuesday November 29th 2022 graphic for Habitat for Humanity of Chester County

The Soto family lives in our Cambria Terrace development in Coatesville.

“Our lives had changed from the moment we received the phone call that we have been accepted to the program to the day we were signing papers at settlement and receiving the key for our home. That’s an experience that my husband and I will never forget. We thank God for this wonderful blessing He has given us. My oldest daughter Liz says that she’s still in disbelief every time she comes home and looks at this view we’ve been given. She thinks, oh wow, this is where I live and that’s my house right in the center of our little neighborhood. This is really ours and we never have to move away, we actually get to stay here forever. Having our own home has not only changed my husband and my life forever but, my kid’s life as well”.

“To all our volunteers, donors, to all the wonderful people from Habitat of Humanity that we have met throughout this wonderful journey, thank you!!! Words can’t describe how grateful we are to be blessed with having our forever home. A house is made of walls and beams… A home is made of love and dreams…” – Ivette Soto Mendez

Giving Tuesday November 29th 2022 graphic for Habitat for Humanity of Chester County

Janet Woodward and her son live in our Cambria Terrace development in Coatesville.

Janet’s story:

“I am a single mother with a seven-year-old son. I was provided with the opportunity to obtain low-income housing the same year I started Nursing school, which was in 2016. I completed Nursing school in 2018 and began to pay market-rate rent in my development. During this time, I began looking at rental properties, but I noticed that most of the nice houses were outside the budget I set for myself. Instead of allowing this experience to discourage me from moving forward, it motivated and inspired me to become a homeowner. I heard about the Habitat Homeowner program years ago from my aunt who currently lives in a Habitat home.”

“I am most looking forward to seeing my son’s reaction when I get the chance to show him ours forever home. I am hoping to make it a surprise! This entire experience will allow me to appreciate the process and hard work that goes into building homes. It is also a gentle reminder of my hard work, dedication, and perseverance. I am forever grateful.” – Janet Woodward

Giving Tuesday November 29th 2022 graphic for Habitat for Humanity of Chester County

Lynette Holmes lives in our Cambria Terrace development in Coatesville.

Lynette’s settlement announcement:

“Lynette is moving into her own safe, affordable home after a long journey of obstacles. She has battled personal health issues, worked full-time, raised three kids, and put in over 200 hours of sweat equity. It was a proud day to hand her the keys to her own home last week.

The amount of determination someone has isn’t a question on a bank loan but it’s a common factor for most Habitat homeowners. Stories of triumph like Lynette’s remind us that these homes are not a hand-out. They’re a hand-up, helping families gain strength, stability, and independence through homeownership.”

Homeownership Is A Beautiful Thing

Homeownership is a beautiful thing and a basic human right that should be an option for everyone. Our homeowners are dedicated to the Habitat homeownership process, participating in “sweat equity” hours and paying a mortgage that is significantly less than rent prices. You, our generous volunteers, and donors make this entire process possible. Thank you for supporting our mission.

To donate to our cause this giving season, please visit our website.


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