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The Square Foot Club


Why Donate To Habitat?

In the United States, it is not feasible to own even a one-bedroom apartment while working full-time for minimum wage. At Habitat for Humanity, we believe in the freedom that homeownership brings to each and every individual and family. The need for affordable housing is innumerable and the lasting effect it can have on families is awe-inspiring. Our core mission is to provide a world where everyone has access to affordable and good-quality housing.

By providing individuals with a safe and affordable home, we help set them up for a successful future. Quality housing and a positive home life powerfully affect a child’s development. Studies show that children who live in safe and affordable homes are more likely to thrive in school, health, and overall happiness. Studies from the World Health Organization show that families without decent housing face greater personal and environmental risks, are less nourished, and have less access to health care. By providing access to lower-cost housing, families are better able to pay bills on time, build savings, and invest in education and the economy. It is truly a powerful cyclical process to end poverty, provide greater world health, and boost economic health. You can help break the cycle of poverty by joining the Square Foot Club today!

Why Donate Monthly?

Join Today

You can make a distinguished difference in ending poverty and providing access to affordable housing. To learn more about Habitat for Humanity of Chester County and the Square Foot Club, visit us online. Join the Square Foot Club today to make an immense difference in the lives of others!

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